Harmless Harvest Coconut Water, Organic 16 fl oz

Coconut water, now with a bite. Hand Scooped Goodness: Young coconut meat is scooped from the same coconuts as our water. These perfectly tender pieces are mixed with our deliciously refreshing coconut water for a party in your mouth. Microfiltered coconut water. Microfiltered for taste and naturally sweet, electrolytes from coconut water will keep you hydrated. Our Promise: Less harm. More good. We've got a whole team in Thailand where the coconuts grow. They make sure we farm and bottle to the highest standards. We’re not perfect, but we wake up every day with the intention of doing less harm and more good. For export only. Fair for Life. Fair Trade: This certification means we're serious about fair trade and social progress. Tear and toss this label. Recycle the rest.