Eden Spirals, Organic, Vegetable

Organic pasta. Good protein. Soluble fiber. No salt added. Golden amber durum wheat. USA farm grown. Eden selection and meticulous care ensure purity. 1,120+ free recipes: edenfoods.com. Eden Organic Pasta Company has made pasta daily since 1923. Now it only makes 100% organic USA family grain pasta. The finest grain vintage Italian equipment and slow air drying give it superior texture and taste. More company info and free recipes are at edenpasta.com. Organic Golden Amber Durum Wheat Vegetable Spirals: Four color spirals, aka fusilli, of organic beet red spinach green carrot orange and golden grain from North Dakota and Montana. All organically grown. Each color is separately made. A pantry hero. Spirals hold more sauce than most macaroni. OCIA certified organic. This is not a sodium free food. Made with 100% recycled paperboard.